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Filhos de 4 patas

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My mother passed away in Dec 2020 because of Covid complications. She also had cancer detected in 2010. My father was very close to her so have been hit drastically by her demise. We are 2 brothers and 1 sister. I am the eldest in my family and have been taking all the responsibilites from 2010 when I finished my CPA as my father had to leave his job to stay with my mother. Financially I am doing good so have made sure that my parents also have a good house and there has never been shortage of money ever. Now after my mom passed away, i invited my father to stay with me. I have kept following my routine like taking him out on weekends with my wife and kid. On week days i go to gym after work, then have dinner with my father and wife. Then i spend time browsing Youtube and sleep. My father is becoming frustrated like he does not have other family and friends here. He is also blaming me that one day i will suffer like he does. i feel so heartbroken and no one to talk to. i feel in tears. after making sure everything for my family is enough, i get this treatment. But hes my father so i cant say anything. I am under so much stress. i have work stress now this family stress gives me heart pain.

10yr Old Brother sister Fucking(5stars) txt




Ah nem vem, porque mãe e pai de filhos de 4 patas também são...
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