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How To Buy A Honda Civic Type R

For the 2020 facelift the questionable Active Sound Control noise augmentation system was added across the range. The absence of a customisable 'individual' type driving mode on the FK8 was a pity in that connection as you couldn't select an aggressive driving mode like +R without triggering the augmented racket, which was definitely not to everyone's taste. Changing the intake would add some authentic counteraction though.

how to buy a honda civic type r

The facelift also brought a new type of two-piece brake disc which, along with new spec pads, was intended to reduce pedal travel and fade on trackdays or other similarly hard usage. Always check the discs on any FK8 you're thinking of buying. Squeal from the Brembo brakes was not unusual but if you see short squiggly cracks emanating from any of the drill holes the disc has been knackered by enthusiastic use and needs replacing. Careful shopping should uncover two-piece replacements on the aftermarket for under 300, but then again Honda's own price for the facelift two-piece disc upgrade was only 282 a pair. If you're planning on doing a fair bit of trackdaying with a pre-facelift or non-upgraded R you could also look at alternative pads like Pagid RSL29s.

On that fun point, it's interesting to look at some of the other cars FK8 buyers checked out before buying the Honda. The GR Yaris comes up regularly in those conversations. The Toyota was usually dismissed by taller types on grounds of physical fit, but also because the Honda beat the GR as an all-round package.

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The Type Rx model introduced in 1999 was given a CD player, body-colored retractable electric door mirrors, power windows, auto air conditioning, keyless entry unlock system, aluminium sports pedals, and a carbon type centre panel. The Type Rx was the final model of the EK9 generation. Production of the EK9 Civic Type R totalled 16,000 units.[4]

The Civic Type R Prototype was unveiled in September 2016 at the Paris Motor Show, and the production version unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. The new car builds on Honda's heritage in developing high-performance hatchbacks.[45][46]

The new Honda Civic Type R is likely to be right for more people than the old one, simply because it looks less like the driver spends Saturday night revving it in a McDonald's car park. If you'll forgive the stereotype.

For that money, buyers get a pocket rocket motivated by a 306-horsepower 2.0-liter turbo-4 that launches the car from 0-60 mph in the low five-second range while delivering a very reasonable 25 mpg combined. All that power flows to the front wheels through a 6-speed manual transmission that is a joy to operate. Torque steer isn't a problem, but hanging on for dear life as the Type R hunts apexes is exactly the type of challenge we love around here.

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