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Google Apps Sites Intranet Template

While setting up a Google Site is fairly simple, we've got you covered with a step-by-step guide to creating one, plus Google sites templates and examples of some of the best Google sites on the web today.

Google Apps Sites Intranet Template

A professional business needs a professional site and Steegle created a template just for this. Consulting Experts is a vibrant, customizable layout that helps you tell the story of how you can take your clients from point A to point B better than the competition can. The image carousel and Google Maps integrations provide a platform for you to display additional content that makes it perfect for B2B-style websites.

This Portal template is the Google Sites intranet template, aimed at businesses that need a very simple intranet. The template features a prominent search box to help users find the right information quickly.

Google Sites is a website creation tool developed by Google that has been operating since 2008. Google Sites can be compared with Wordpress or Wix but it differs in that it focuses its business on organizations and not on individuals or sole proprietors. The essential goal of Google Sites is to support communication and collaboration by creating simple web sites and hosting company information. Therefore it is used as an intranet solution. Google Sites is a product of Google Workspace. If you already use some of the Google Google Workspace products like G-mail, Google Drive or Google Calendar then Google Sites might be a good additional app to use. It is considered a good option for Google intranet, an impressive website builder and seen as a great way to kickstart an internal newsroom strategy. Still, Google Sites intranet comes with a lot of negatives. It is a good app for short-term projects and for top-down communication but it is definitely not recommended for any long-term business projects and for organisations that care about conversations, collaboration and employee engagement.

Is Google Sites going away?In November 2016 Google released the new Google Sites. Since then Google has had two site builders: classic Google Sites and new Google Sites. Having two site builders caused some serious confusion and users needed to understand the differences between the two. In August 2020 Google announced that the service of the classic Google sites will be shut down fully on September 1, 2021. With that announcement classic users are also asked to migrate to the new Google sites. The creation of classic sites will be disabled as from November 1, 2020. Continue reading to learn more about Google Sites intranet and its advantages and disadvantages. Get to know Google intranet Happeo as well - the best alternative to Google Sites.Want to see and compare Google Sites alternatives? Visit our intranet platforms comparison.

You can use Google Sites to create sites for your team. There are templates available and you can easily replace the content in the template with your own. Your team can then access all your pages and content within a few clicks. That said, Google Workspace's Google Sites is a tool to deliver information and to inform employees about company news, developments, projects or events, but it has no social capabilities to increase employee engagement. Happeo on the other hand lets you create dynamic pages that encourages top-down and bottom-up communication. Like a true social intranet it features posting, sharing, liking and commenting - all features that benefit your company culture and promote employee engagement.

Going through reviews for Google Sites it quickly becomes clear that users expectations are not met. Users expect a site builder tool that offers plenty of functionality and design features, but they get disappointed about the lack of abilities for creation and designing. Users negative feedback is also about the little amount of templates to choose from and the limitations on editing them. Besides that, Google Sites may seem to be a good intranet solution at first look but with all the alternatives on the market like Happeo, Google Sites disappoints with its advertised intranet features.

One of the most important advantages of using Google Sites is that it is free and has no limitations on use and websites. For users with the business plan Google Sites comes with backups, administrative controls and guarantees. However because it is free it also comes with its cons which needs to be kept in mind when looking for an intranet software. Happeo is the favored Google Sites alternative because it comes with pricing packages that fit to your company size and needs.

Furthermore, intranet design templates have revolutionized the deployment process. Once upon a time, it would have taken several months to get up and running. Nowadays, you can have a fully functioning intranet ready to go in just a few days. Simple and intuitive to use, intranet design templates make it easy. All you have to do is drag and drop content, images, and graphics for a customized solution.

One of the easiest options if you want to create your intranet of business quickly, it is Google Sites. Google Sites is one of the applications that Google includes, both in its free version and the paid version for companies, G Suite. With this app, you can easily create websites and link it to files you have in other Google apps, like Drive, Docs, Calendar, or Slides.

Once you know the objective of the web, you can create your intranet. To do this, go to Google Sites and, if you prefer, work from a template. You have two options: work with the classic version (with intranet templates) or with the new version. The latter does not have free templates but it is very easy to use, so it can also be a good option.

More Material Design elements including more possibilities for Material Motion for Animation and Material Transitions through JavaScript. Material design Layout will help the transition of sites to specific and refined applications , even offline usage as promoted by progressive web apps examples.

In Windows, the policy determines a trusted source by checking its Internet zone. If the source comes from the local system, intranet, or trusted sites zone, then the download is considered trusted and safe.

This policy setting lets you configure whether to turn on blocking for potentially unwanted apps with Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. Potentially unwanted app blocking with Microsoft Defender SmartScreen provides warning messages to help protect users from adware, coin miners, bundleware, and other low-reputation apps that are hosted by websites. Potentially unwanted app blocking with Microsoft Defender SmartScreen is turned off by default.

Navigation to sites in response to single word queries that would typically resolve to a history item will no longer happen. Instead, the browser will attempt navigate to internal sites that may not exist in an organization's intranet. This will result in a 404 error.

if you are using the time-saving trick of going directly to, you will not have the option to choose a template as you will instantly create a new Google Site. The template gallery will not be visible.

Check now (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push();FAQsAre Google Sites free?Yes, all the site templates on Google Sites are free and ready to use. Simply select your best choice and start working!

From any Google product, click on the grid icon in the upper right and then select the Google Forms icon in the apps library. Select Template gallery in Google Forms. Browse through the list of Work, Education, and Personal forms to click on a template you like.

Google Sites integrates with other Google apps, so you can add various elements to your websites like calendars, documents, spreadsheets, maps, or YouTube videos. You can further modify the website by adding colorful themes, infographics, photographs, and designer fonts.

If you need to develop applications that use KML files hosted on intranet sites we recommend that you render the KML on the client side by using third-party JavaScript libraries. As the KML file is analyzed by the browser, performance may be lower than by using the KmlLayer class.

Longstone IT can help you get the most from Google Sites.Create secure web pages for Intranet, team projects or client Extranets. No need for html coding or web design experience.Google Sites is an easy way to organise information in a central location for secure collaboration between colleagues, teams or even external clients. Google Sites is a fully hosted offering; no software to deploy or servers to maintain. You retain full control of document and site security and with whom you share this information. You can use Sites to build a company intranet and internal project sites for your business.


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