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Gravidinhas - porque juntas somos fortes

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Zero-G Live Bass Grooves Utorrent

DJ Sawka has created a loop library which includes Ableton groove templates, MIDI grooves, bass loops, melodic and drum loops. Will suit the drum & bass, dub step & breakbeat genres.The video alone is worth checking out, just to watch DJ Sawka go through his musical ideas and production process.

Zero-G Live Bass Grooves Utorrent

The sound of 93 'til Infinity is characteristic of the distinct style explored by the collective, including a rhyme scheme based on internal rhyme and beats centered around a live bass and obscure jazz and funk samples. 93 'til Infinity was released during a period in which the collective released several critically acclaimed albums (including Del tha Funkee Homosapien's No Need for Alarm and Casual's Fear Itself) and rose to national prominence.

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