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K Fee Pods Where To Buy

According to Starbucks, Starbucks Verismo pods were officially discontinued as of December 31, 2020. However, rest assured that all K-fee and Mr & Mrs Mill coffee and espresso pods are Verismo* machine compatible. Find your flavor >>

k fee pods where to buy

If you're a fan of creamy and delicious coffee, Milly Moo Milk Pods are the perfect addition to your coffee routine. Made from high-quality, fresh whole milk, these pods provide a smooth and velvety texture to your coffee without any added preservatives or artificial flavors. And for a limted time save 25% off all Milk Pods!

Browse the K-fee product store and discover everything you need for creating enjoyable beverages: affordable coffee pods and stylish machines. Explore our selection of makers and capsules, and place a secure order from the convenience of your home. Don't wait long for your favorite coffee - through our efficient order process, your order will be delivered as quickly as possible. Customer service is very important to us. We handle your data in a responsible fashion and also offer you the option of ordering as a guest without registering.

Our teams also pay close attention to sustainable production. Our coffee is gently drum-roasted over a long time, which allows a wonderfully multifaceted aroma to develop. After roasting, the beans are ground and the coffee is immediately packed in a controlled atmosphere. The aroma is fully preserved because our coffee pods are carefully checked one by one. When you brew the coffee in your K-fee coffee and espresso maker, you are essentially using freshly ground coffee. Try for yourself and discover the pure enjoyment of a beverage made with MR & MRS MILL and MILLY MOO single-serve pods.

Explore the various drinks you can create with Mr & Mrs Mill pods - all styles of coffee and espresso, including those with milk foam from our Milly Moo pods. A drink that suits you, all at the press of a button. Find your favorite today!

Mr & Mrs Mill is an exclusive range made for all K-fee System and Aldi Expressi Pod Machines. These pods are created and tested to work in perfect harmony with your machine cup after cup. Mr & Mrs Mill Coffee Pods are available on website. There are currently 6 delicious coffee flavours to choose from. You can purchase the single packs or trial packs to discover the range or opt to subscribe and have your coffee delivered to your door on a regular basis.

The Aldi Expressi Hot Beverage Pod range is also a great choice for your machine. You will find a wide range of coffee and chocolate hot pods together with a changing selection of flavoured coffees and hot chocolates from Aldi Stores throughout Australia.

If you want to venture outside the Mr & Mrs Mill and Aldi Expressi Pod ranges, you can do so at your own risk. Pods from other brands that claim to be compatible with K-fee System Machines can sometimes damage your machine to the point of unrepairable. For this reason, the use of pods from other brands will void warranty of your K-fee System or Aldi Expressi machine.

CHICAGO, Oct. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- K-fee, the single-serve coffee brand from Germany, is now selling its Duo Pressure coffee & espresso makers and pods online and at retailers Bed, Bath & Beyond and Amazon.

At-home coffee lovers already know the K-fee brand from the Starbucks Verismo* system, sold by Starbucks until 2018. Starbucks previously partnered together with K-fee System as the manufacturer of the Starbucks Verismo* system to make the first premium at-home single-serve coffee maker capable of producing Starbucks' quality beverages at home. K-fee's coffee pods through this collaboration can still be found in select stores nationwide. K-fee also introduces its own pods brand Mr & Mrs Mill and select coffee & espresso makers to the US market. Now available at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Amazon and, of course,, its own online shop.

"We are extremely excited to bring our own coffee pods and our line of innovative Swiss-engineered coffee & espresso makers to the United States," said Anton Straughan, Vice President, Krüger North America. "We're relentlessly pursuing the perfect cup of coffee, from our unique pod system and the hand-picked ingredients that go into them, to the technology that brings you a state-of-the-art coffee maker. It's what makes the K-fee system stand out in the coffee industry and makes an exceptional at-home coffee experience for our customers."

K-fee coffee makers are Swiss engineered and provide a patented high and low-pressure extraction capability, also known as Duo Pressure technology. The high-pressure brews a perfect espresso with an indulgent crema layer and the low-pressure brew-style gives coffee-lovers the strong flavor they're looking for. The one-of-a-kind functionality allows customers to make espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, and coffees at the push of a button. Each flavor can be created using the Mr. & Mrs. Mill pods, which are uniquely pressed and sealed for high-quality flavor and freshness.

K-fee will offer three coffee brewers, the Twins II, Twins II & Latte and the Grande, along with their barista-quality frother, the Lattaero, and their high-quality coffee and espresso pods from Mr & Mrs Mill to craft the ultimate coffee-shop experience at home. Of course, all existing Starbucks Verismo* machines are compatible with all K-fee pods.

About K-fee System: K-fee System, founded by the Krüger Group in 2010, offers customers the latest multi-beverage system in unique coffee & espresso makers design. The high-quality, Swiss-engineered system and its patented technology stand for high quality in every detail. Together with the specially adapted pods and decades of experience of the Krüger Group, K-fee brings a unique added value to the coffee marketplace: perfect at-home brewing at the touch of a button. Find out more at

Nespresso, even though not the first capsule on the market, has been one of the most successful to date. In more recent times the sister system, the Nescafé Dolce Gusto, has stolen some market share. The two systems should not be confused with each other, capsules are not interchangeable. However, there is a lot of machines on the market which can use original or compatible Nespresso pods.

Lavazza, one of the originals and oldest, has three main types of machines: Blue, A Modo Mio, and Espresso Point. These systems are not compatible with each other, and require three different type pods. Here is what you need to look out for Lavazza Blue.

The A Modo Mio system is very different to the Blue and Point. The pods are much shallower, and the branding on the machines is different as well. Capsule Shape: Shallow soft plastic capsule and lid, approximately 47mm diameter, 17mm high. Capsule Features: Capsules both original and compatibles are made from soft plastic for both capsule and lid.

The ESE system is one of the oldest, best quality espressos you can get, plus environmentally friendly. It is an open source created by Illy. Almost every coffee machine manufacture has got a coffee machine that can take or can be modified to take ESE pods.

What coffee style are you? Do you love a single origin or do you enjoy a blend? Do you enjoy a mild coffee or are you a lover of a strong and robust taste? No matter your style, we have the best coffee pods to suit you!

From our range of single origin Nespresso* compatible capsules that feature the beautiful flavours of Colombia, Brazil and Rwanda, through to our compostable range of pods in both Nespresso* and Lavazza A Modo Mio* systems, to our wide selection of compatible blends for the Expressi* and Caffitaly* coffee systems, we have a flavour profile available in our online store that you are sure to love.

For consumers looking for coffee pods online that are more sustainable, we have launched a TUV certified range of industrial compostable capsules for both Lavazza A Modo Mio* and Nespresso* systems. Derived from corn, hermetically sealed and designed to breakdown in an industrial composting facility, these coffee pods not only deliver the perfect espresso with delicious crema, but offer an all-natural, bio-based solution to the standard capsules.

Coffee pods are small, single-serving coffee filters that contain pre-measured grounds and brew directly into a cup or mug. Starbucks Verismo is a single-serve coffee machine that uses coffee pods to make brewing quick and easy. There are a variety of coffee pods available on the market, but not all of them are compatible with the Verismo machine. To find the best coffee pods for your Verismo machine, it is important to consider the type of coffee you like to drink, the strength of the coffee, and the price.

All Verismo coffee pods are made with 100% Arabica coffee beans and are designed for use with the Verismo brewer. The pods are available in a variety of roasts, including dark, medium, and light, and each pod contains espresso grounds that are evenly tamped for consistent brewing.

There is no definitive answer to this question, as Starbucks has not made any official announcements about phasing out its Verismo coffee machines. However, there has been speculation that the company may be moving away from the single-serve coffee machine market, as it has been investing more in other areas such as its Reserve Roastery locations. Additionally, Starbucks has been discontinuing some of its Verismo-compatible coffee pods, which could be an indication that it is planning to phase out the machines.

As of September 2019, Starbucks has discontinued their Verismo pods. This coffee brewing system used single-serve pods to make coffee, espresso, and other Starbucks drinks at home. Verismo pods were available in a variety of flavors, including Pike Place Roast, Espresso Roast, and Caramel.

The Verismo pods were a popular choice among coffee lovers for their unique flavor and distinctive flavor. After much speculation, it has now been confirmed that the Verismo pods will no longer be available on December 31, 2020. Pods can, however, be used with Nespresso machines that were originally designed to use them. There is currently no way to trade in Verismo, so make sure you have enough pods before they are phased out. 041b061a72


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