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Lucky Star Episode 1

The episode begins with an adaptation of the manga strip of the same name, which takes place during P.E. class. Afterwards, during lunch break in their classroom, Konata and Tsukasa discuss chocolate cornets, and Miyuki later joins in the conversation, which is expanded considerably from its four strips in the manga to include other foods. Tsukasa's sister Kagami is introduced on the walk home from school at the end of the day. The next day, Konata's class get their exam results back. Miyuki, a top achiever, describes her own clumsiness in everyday situations, and even demonstrates it by hitting her head on a sign without seeing, with Konata and Tsukasa in full view of the incident.

Lucky Star Episode 1

Akira Kogami and Minoru Shiraishi are introduced, When a letter sender asks Akira how much an idol is usually paid, Akira's cutesy persona melts away and starts openly complaining about the fact that her checks are still processed the same way back when she debuted as a child actress. Akira's manager and parents seem to skim off the major part of the pay, leaving her with a paltry allowance.

A while ago after watching (for the first time) (andsubsequently looking back on) episode 6 of season 1, the schoolfestival and debut performance of the Light Music Club, I hada thought: could it be possible to adapt the Bunkasai tradition ofJapan into a tradition for America?

Please keep me posted on news in regards to K-ON Season 3. Theplot, the episodes currently made, the release date in Japan,everything! Seeing as I can't get enough of the show, I wouldgreatly appreciate it if I get as much info as possible on the newseason.

Cripes, it's already been two weeks since I joined up. I'd liketo take a step back and have a look at what I've seen, what I'vedone and where I hope to go from here. I've lurked the wiki eversince I started watching about Dec 2013/Jan 2014, mostly forlyrics. And man I'm glad that all the lyrics, japanese, romanji,and translations - even for the deeper cuts like the less popularcharacter songs. It's probably a safe assumption to say that mostcasual lurkers are also here for the lyrics, so I'd say, "excellentwork!" to whichever team worked on these.

I also watched anime in a group setting for the first time. Wesaw the first two episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho and the firstof Darker than Black. I don't think I will finish thosesoon but maybe I will try to at some time.

Guys, it's been a while since we did a new poll on the frontpage. I had an idea (it involved the background) but it's too lateto start with that now I guess. So, what are your ideas for July'spoll? Write them down below! :)

I bring this up because we all know the next few days are going to bring a plethora of shows that will feature tinkly Christmas music in the background plus some sort of politically correct reminder of other cultural celebrations of the season while secretly reveling in the Christian tradition. Christmas episodes, especially for the prime-time shows, are by design emotion-packed morality tales. Now and then they offer some genuine warmth and creativity but too often they are simply seasonal excuses to inject meaning into otherwise worthless programs, and make the shallow, self-absorbed character realize what a twit he's been.

I vote The Mary Tyler Moore Show Christmas episode where the news crew is snowbound at WJM and are forced to have a holiday dinner on the set of The Happy Homemaker as my favorite Christmas episode of all time. (That episode of My So-Called Life with Julianna Hatfield as the runaway angel is my second favorite Christmas episode and it will take me no time to get worked up over that damn Eight Is Enough one.) It's significant to me because it would also probably make my list of shows I would take to a desert island. I choose it because it was a truly inspired script and because the image of Mary Richards wearing the German army helmet and Lou Grant in a sombrero still makes me laugh hysterically.

By the time Saturday night viewing was over, dinner was over and we were all oiled up for a night of carousing at the old Soap Creek Saloon or whooping it up at the Armadillo or One Knite. Sigh. That's largely how I remember Seventies television: great Saturday night viewing ó that, Soul Train, and half-hour soap opera in the pre-VCR days. And 1977's weepy final episode of MTM that will make me hum "It's a Long Way To Tipperary" today until some sappy Christmas tune replaces it. 041b061a72


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