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Download YouTube Live Streams with Kapwing: A Free and Easy Tool

So last night I streamed Battlefield, and wanted to download the whole stream that way I can edit it into a YouTube video, but once it's done downloading the quality of the video is like 240P. When I go on the stream on YouTube itself, it looks pretty good but when I view the file I downloaded it looks horrible. Any solutions?

youtube studio download live stream

Download apk:

Did you recently record a long YouTube live stream? After YouTube finishes processing your video stream, you may notice you are unable to download the stream from YouTube Creator Studio. In addition, if you try to play-back the Live Stream video archive, you get a message This live stream recording is not available.

As of now, there is no time limit to YouTube video streaming. If you plan to save and edit your video stream after, then plan to keep your stream under 12 hours as Google states. YouTube creates a file called livestream.str in your channel live content section and you will likely continue to see that file name if your video is over 12 hours. Finally, you may see the thumbnail to a long YouTube video archived streamed, but unfortunately you will never be able to play the video.

Cisdem Video Converter is the best YouTube livestream downloader on the market. It can retrieve content (songs, movies, live streams, etc.) from 1000+ multimedia websites, and the original quality will be retained, be it 8k, 4k, 1080p, or others. is an online YouTube livestream downloader, ensuring you catch videos from YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, Tik Tok, Niconico, etc. It allows you to integrate the service into your website or install its extension to Chrome to download videos more conveniently.

But online free YouTube stream downloaders typically don't give you much choice regarding quality and expert format. can only download YouTube live stream online to 360p or 720p MP4. If you choose WebM or higher resolution, the video will come without sound.

Except for YouTube livestream downloaders, you can also use the screen recorder to save real-time YouTube live videos. OBS Studio makes for a powerful video streaming and recording software. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

We introduced 5 tools to download YouTube live streams, including 4 YouTube livestream downloaders and a screen recorder. Picking the best tool will vary from person to person and the needs of you. If you desire to simply copy and paste URL, Cisdem Video Converter and online way are the right choices. To save the video while live, screen recording software is essential.

Do you want to watch YouTube live stream offline? If yes, you need to download YouTube live stream videos. This post from MiniTool uTube Downloader will walk you through the process of downloading YouTube live stream videos. Start reading!

In fact, to save a YouTube live stream video, you can download it using a YouTube downloader as well as record it using a screen recorder. A screen recorder can record what happening on your computer, including a playing YouTube live stream video.

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We believe you have saved YouTube live stream videos on our computer, and here we would like to emphasize again that the downloads and the recordings from YouTube should only be used for personal use.

Then, who can be a YouTube streamer? There are no rules or limits as to who can go live on YouTube through a computer. But if you want to stream from a phone, you are required to have at least 1,000 subscribers.

To save YouTube live stream videos on your computers, you can use MiniTool uTube Downloader to download or record them. If you have any doubts about using the tool, please contact us via [email protected].

There is no duration limit for streaming a live to YouTube. The only limitation is for the live stream recording on YouTube itself. When you live stream, a public single archive will be generated for up to 12 hours.

The answer is YES. YouTube has 3 different options for live streaming - Public, Private, and Unlisted. YouTube's Private streaming allows you to share your video with 50 different people at once. Private videos will not appear in any of the search results or video recommendations.

In recent years, live video streaming has been pushed to its climax around the whole internet world. YouTube Live is one of the most popular live-streaming platforms that enables users to stream an event, teach a class, or host a workshop.

While these fantastic moments last temporarily on your screen, you may wonder how to record YouTube live streams without effort. In the following, we will share with you some excellent free video capture software to complete the task.

When it comes to recording a live stream on your computer, our first recommendation is EaseUS RecExperts. This streaming video recorder enables you to record audio and video simultaneously when you are watching a stream. After recording, you can export your videos in many file formats, like MP4, MOV, GIF, and many more. With this Windows screen recorder, you can easily record the YouTube Live stream in a high resolution, including 4K and 1080P. If needed, you can also use it to save audio from YouTube for offline enjoyment.

VLC is not only a free and open-source cross-platform video player with speed control but also a wonderful YouTube live stream recorder that enables you to record live stream videos on your YouTube for free. This tool is compatible with most computer OS, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

To deal with live streams on social media platforms like YouTube, EaseUS RecExperts for Mac is the best choice. With this Mac screen recorder, you can record any video playing on your screen. It can record YouTube videos with the screen and audio.

When recording YouTube videos, you can set a scheduled recording task to avoid missing any live stream YouTube video. Even if you are not at home, you can still capture the live-streamed shows on YouTube or other popular platforms. After that, you can save the videos to your Mac computer with desired output format.

Another YouTube stream ripper is OBS. This tool is famous as a free and open source screen recorder for video recording and live streaming that applies to Windows, Mac, and Linux. This all-in-one video & audio recording software supports capturing screen and sound in high quality. To record a YouTube Live stream on Mac, OBS is an excellent choice to make things easier and faster.

If you use an Android mobile phone to watch YouTube Live stream and capture your screen easily, we suggest AZ Screen Recorder is a good choice. With a ton of features like screen capture, screen video recorder, video editor, live stream screen, this screen recording app provides you an easy way to rip YouTube Live stream.

iPhone users are allowed to record screens with the embedded function "Screen Recording." So you can record a YouTube Live stream on your iPhone without downloading any application. All you need to do is just a few clicks on your screen.

What makes it popular is that this online free video recorder makes it easy to capture your browser activities or desktop, record a tab, record a live stream on YouTube, or capture the webcam easily and quickly. Most importantly, it allows you to save it in WebM format for later viewing.

To wrap up, 7 YouTube live recorders to capture YouTube Live streams on different devices are covered in this post. You can choose any of them per your actual situation. As for those who want to know how to record YouTube live stream on a PC or Mac, we highly recommend EaseUS RecExperts since it offers the most features you desire.

There is no duration limit for streaming a Live to YouTube. The only limitation is for the live stream recording on YouTube itself. When you live stream, a single public archive will be generated for up to 12 hours.

The answer is YES. YouTube has three different options for live streaming - Public, Private, and Unlisted. YouTube's Private streaming allows you to share your video with 50 different people at once. Private videos will not appear in any of the search results or video recommendations.

The popularity of live streaming has soared since the beginning of 2020. Everything from video games to music to chess is live online from creators with followings large and small. While Macs are not the traditional streaming computer, it is entirely possible to become a successful live streamer on one of these devices.

Live streaming on YouTube is an excellent way to engage with your audience in real time, showcase your brand, or share your talent with the world. In this article, we will provide a quick guide on how to enable live streaming on YouTube, how to stream from different devices, and how to stream like a pro.

Get ready to go live on YouTube! As long as there are no restrictions on your channel, you can now easily start live streaming through a web browser or streaming encoder. However, if you prefer to use a mobile device, please note that your channel must have at least 50 subscribers to access the feature.

Using a hardware encoder for your YouTube live stream offers several advantages over web and mobile options. This makes hardware encoders the ideal choice for businesses covering high-profile events like concerts or sports games, as well as individuals looking to enhance the visual quality of their live streams. Although using a hardware encoder for live streaming on YouTube may initially seem daunting, the benefits it provides outweigh the time required to learn how to use it effectively.

1. Log into your YouTube account. Go to the top right, click on your icon and then click YouTube Studio. 2. Up to the very top right of your screen, select the Create button and choose the Go live option. If this is your first time, you may need to wait 24 hours for YouTube to activate your account for live streaming. 3. You will be taken to the new YouTube Studio interface. In the window that appears, select New Stream. 4. Enter in your live stream details including Title, Description and other settings. Then press Create Stream once done. 5. Next you will see some Stream Settings including a Stream Key. Click the Copy button to copy the Stream Key. 6. Open up the stream settings window in vMix. From the Destination dropdown menu, select the YouTube Live option. Underneath that will be a Stream Key field. Paste the Stream Key you have copied from Step 5 into this field. 7. Click Save and Close to save your YouTube Stream settings 8. To begin the stream click the Stream button in your vMix window or open the Stream window and click Start to begin sending the stream to YouTube Live. 9. Go back to your web browser where you should now see the live stream preview showing. Click the Go Live button to go live.


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