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Buy Pee Wee Herman Bike Extra Quality

Certifying that the bike is real, the auction also came with "an autographed photo of Paul Ruebens, a photo of him signing the photo, [a] letter/certificate of authenticity, [and a] Warner Bros. plans/spec sheet on the red cargo boxes."

buy pee wee herman bike

Pee-wee Herman has a heavily accessorized bicycle that he treasures and that his neighbor and enemy, Francis Buxton, covets. Dottie, an employee at a bike shop, has a crush on Pee-wee, but he does not reciprocate.

Pee-wee's bike is stolen while he is shopping at a mall, but the police tell Pee-wee they cannot help him find it. Pee-wee assumes Francis took it, and confronts him, but Francis' father convinces Pee-wee that Francis was at home when the bike was stolen. Pee-wee offers a $10,000 reward for the bike. Francis, who did indeed pay to have someone steal the bike, is disturbed by Pee-wee's relentlessness and pays to have the bike sent away. That evening, Pee-wee holds an unsuccessful evidentiary meeting of friends and neighbors to find the bike, then rejects offers of help. He then visits a psychic who, spying a bargain basement across the street, tells Pee-wee that his bike is in the basement of the Alamo Mission in San Antonio.

At a bus station, Pee-wee encounters Simone, who tells him she broke up with Andy and is on her way to Paris. She tells Pee-wee not to give up searching for his bike. Pee-wee calls Dottie at the bike shop and apologizes for his behavior. Andy spots Pee-wee and resumes chasing him. Pee-wee evades Andy at a rodeo by disguising himself as a bull rider. Forced to ride a bull, Pee-wee nearly sets a world record but receives a concussion. He visits a biker bar to make a phone call, and a biker gang known as The Satan's Helpers threatens to kill him after he accidentally knocks over their motorcycles. He wins them over by dancing to the song "Tequila" in a pair of platform shoes, and they give him a motorcycle for his journey, which he crashes immediately.

He awakens in a hospital and sees a television news report in which his bike is being used as a prop in a film. Pee-wee sneaks into Warner Bros. Studios with Milton Berle in Burbank and grabs the bike. Security guards chase him across the studio lot and through several active sets before he escapes.

Seeing the film at a drive-in theater, Pee-wee gives refreshments to the different people he met along his journey, then joins Dottie at their bikes. He also encounters Francis, who tells reporters he is Pee-wee's best friend and that he taught Pee-wee how to ride. Francis claims to be knowledgeable about Pee-wee's bike, but sets off one of the bicycle's gadgets, catapulting himself into the air.

Having left Walt Disney Productions and with Frankenweenie receiving positive reviews within film studios, Tim Burton was seeking a full-length film to direct. When Reubens and the producers of Pee-wee's Big Adventure saw Burton's work on Vincent and Frankenweenie, they decided to hire him.[7] Burton felt that he connected with Reubens' personality and the humor of the Pee-wee Herman Show.[8] After hiring Burton, Reubens, Phil Hartman and Michael Varhol revised the script.[9] They read Syd Field's classic book Screenplay and wrote the script according to the book's advice. "It's a 90-minute film, it's a 90-page script," Reubens explained. "On page 30 I lose my bike, on page 60 I find it. It's literally exactly what they said to do in the book...There should be like a MacGuffin kind of a thing, something you're looking for, and I was like, 'Okay, my bike.'"[10]

The finest bicycle restoration specialists were enlisted to painstakingly handcraft what has become one of the most sought after and recognizable bicycle in the world. Every option and accessory was a result of a global search to duplicate the bicycle to as close to the #1 example in the movie Pee Wee's Big Adventure. The bike is made form the highest quality materials and absolutely no expense was spared to make the bicycle as precise as possible.

Pee Wee Herman bikes simply have not been available to the public or the ones used the movie do not exist anymore. To replicate the complete bike was a monumental task that entailed months of research, discussions with the movie prop personnel and intense study of the scenes where the bike appeared. Experts who had competency in translating movies data into real life measurements were brought in to insure that sizing, proportion and detail were as close to the original as possible. The result is a Pee Wee Herman Bike, that categorically is better than the original.

It is believed that only one Pee Wee Movie bike has ever been offered and that was in 2007. It is also believed that example was not the prime #1 bike that Pee Wee rode in key scenes in his yard and at the park. Though 14 bikes were actually made for the movie, all but 2 were stripped down versions where detail was not important. Some of the lesser bikes actually had aluminum foil in place of chrome.

Can you believe that it's been 30 years since Pee-Wee Herman set off on a big adventure in search of his lost bike? A lot has changed since then-- Tim Burton has become a household name!-- but no matter how old the movie is (or how old you are) Pee-Wee somehow still makes you feel like a kid again. And we should be doubly excited, since Netflix made our dreams come true with a sequel, "Pee-Wee's Big Holiday!" After you watch it, hop on your Schwinn and set off for some of the most memorable filming locations from Pee-Wee's wacky trip!

Make your next stop Francis's Mansion to confront the snobby and spoiled rival of our hero. The psychic scenes, where Pee Wee finds out that his bike might be in the basement of The Alamo, were filmed on Warner Bros. backlot, but fear not-- there are psychics aplenty all across Los Angeles!

And even if you don't want to re-live his dream where the clowns operate on his beloved bicycle, you can take your bike for a cruise at Malibu Creek State Park like Pee-Wee does in the Tour de France dream sequence that opens the movie.

And the best way to end your tour of Pee-Wee's world? Visit one of the prop bikes used in the movie: you can find them at The Hollywood Museum, the Volo Auto Museum, The Bicycle Museum of America, and the Carnegie Science Center!

One day, Pee-wee's treasured bike is stolen by a rival Manchild. Desperate to get it back, he embarks on a cross country journey, meeting many bizarre characters along the way (and considering the sort of guy Pee-Wee Herman is, that's one hell of a mouthful).

It's a match made in bikey heaven. Pee-wee loves his shiny red cruiser more than anything else, setting off on a cross-country voyage when the cherished ride is stolen from him. And Stub Stewart, located along the Banks-Vernonia Trail, boasts many miles of multi-use and mountain bike trails. In fittingly velophilic celebration, River City Bicycles will lead a guided bike ride through the park before the movie rolls. 041b061a72


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