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MultiScatter v1.091 for 3ds Max 2014 to 2020 Win - VFXDownload.Net

MultiScatter does not try to replace other well-established network communication methods. Rather, it works with them. It can simply utilize them in particular situations. For example, MultiScatter is great for occluded object detection.

MultiScatter v1.091 for 3ds Max 2014 to 2020 Win

MultiScatters tag is active at all times. Its battery is recharged by external magnetic field whenever it is close to an object with a power supply. The tag should not be recharged directly with a users hands, since a tags coil, powered by a constant electric current, would constantly create a strong magnetic field which could damage electronic components and surrounding objects.

MultiScatter uses the tags energy to recharge its own battery. It is powered by its own coils, and therefore it can continuously communicate with any other coil in existence. There is no need for a constant power supply.

MultiScatter, or a pair of MultiScatter nodes, provides a complete communication route for all objects in a given application. It has a very high throughput, a single read/write operation and will not break a communication route. Communication is essentially two-way: object-to-network and network-to-object.

MultiScatter is built to maximize speed, robustness and object-to-object communication in a 3D environment. Communication occurs at a rate of up to several thousand simultaneous communications per second.

Example of use: 1. Create the terrain of the scene using TerraGen utility. In a separate 3ds Max scene, create with the help of the above-mentioned utility a number of geo-objects or even scenery elements, which have to be at the same position in the 3ds Max scene. 2. Change the settings of the geo-objects using, for example, the MultiScatter. Update the settings of the geo-objects in the 3ds Max scene.


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