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[S5E5] It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

Michael, most notably, shifts from being self-centered and kind of a jerk to a well-meaning person. To wit: Todd Packer is an ass and it's incredibly fitting that Michael was only able to realize that through Holly. Through her, Michael realizes in this episode that Packer, a former hero, is awful. That's growth(Opens in a new tab).

[S5E5] It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

Did you know that Devon made it all the way to Season 2? I could have sworn this episode was in Season 1. Regardless, we learn how awful Michael is at doing anything that might be unpopular. He even tries to gaslight Creed into quitting. Meanwhile, Jim admits his job would mean nothing if it weren't for Pam. Like, if this were the real world, dude should quit this job and move to Philly already. If your job gets meaning only from your crush on the engaged receptionist, you don't need that job. But alas, it's a TV show.

This is the episode where Dwight and Andy face off for Angela and it's supremely memorable if only for the dumbassery. Andy trying to run over Dwight with a silent Prius. Dwight whipping off his belt to smash the hood of said Prius.

On the way to the motorcycle shop, Tom tries to talk to Hal and comfort him about the situation with Karen, but Hal insists he's okay. Tom tells Dai that Rebecca, Tom's wife that died in the attack, was always the one to get through to Hal and that it's hard to remember that Hal is only 16 years old sometimes. Pope veers off from the group and sees a sleeping Skitter, encouraging no one to shoot it because it'll wake up. Tom tells the group to forget about the sleeping Skitter, as that is not part of their mission.

Hal, Maggie, Ben, Dai, Jamil, and Jimmy go to check out one of the bridge to make sure that it's safe. He tells Maggie that this is the only bridge that hasn't been blown within a 100 miles from them. That they got them pinned down on the other side of the river. A beamers roars above them causing a slight panic. Hal yells at Ben and Jimmy to get to their side. Dai manages to blow the beamer up before it shot at them. Unfortunately for them the beamer goes down crashing in the middle of the bridge, leaving a huge gap.

Dingaan and Pope scout some of the routes for a way to Chinatown. Dingaan and Pope are spotted by Mechs and barley made it out alive. They reach Hal, and tells them which route on the map they cannot take, and Dingaan mentions that they are trapped and it's only a matter of time. After Shaq informs them that they need a power source to track the Espheni movement, as they cannot use there own recon drones, Hal creates a plan to capture a Mega-Mech. Tector ties a rope to a tree trunk, that crosses over a road to another tree trunk, and when a Mega-Mech comes close to the rope, Dingaan and Tector pull the rope tightly, but the plan failed as the Mech noticed he rope. When the Mech faces Dingaan and the group, Pope drives his pickup truck into the Mech, causing it to fall to the floor and getting the new power source. When they find a new route to Chinatown, when they get close, Hal and Dingaan walk on a hill, and witness the outskirts of Chinatown, and in response Dingaan says there might actually be a safe-zone. 041b061a72


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