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HMM - Melissa 7yrs - 02 Fuck Me.MPG [PATCHED]

This piece of financial futility is being done by the old school, so very old school, they read a few magazines, they look at their friends who may or may not be legitimate, they just want to make what they can for themselves, and then they go about screwing the people, or Fords, or whoever it happens to be they happen to like. Then they go to other places they frequent and check to see if anybody wants to buy their infirmity for cash, which is usually some fucking drama or other. Their whole life is one big, extended FIESTA, because they are too lazy, or ignorant to do anything but what they want. THEN they get duped into the promise of making what they want. Once they buy it, the one thing they have to do is make it run. They get this, very often, after paying for the tranny, and all the other parts that they did not check. This should have been the lesson from the first owner, but it was not, so they set out to copy the adventure in fairness.

HMM - Melissa 7yrs - 02 fuck me.MPG

THATS RIGHT AND NOW SOMEONE SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS GOD DAMN CRAP! someone should stop this shit!! its not funny and it gets nasty! if u go on craigslist or autotrader go for it and look for fuck me muffins! this is bullshit. and if you go on craigslist or autotrader theres more of them! this guy is making a killing off of good peopleSeriously something needs to be done anyone that wants to possibly set something up or SOMETHING please help or any ideas cause this needs to stop! i am so mad right now knowing that my hard earned money just got taken from me.THAT EASILY! and on top of that, moneygram is making money of of us! $120 FEE it seems to me that they must be getting more than one of these complaintseither way ANYONE in here that has gotten scammed or would like to help to catch this fuck email me and well talk through it! shit for all we know he proabbly owns this site.anyway email me! ( i have contacted numerous people/systems through email including the attorney general of my state) i need my money back! (it was supposed to allow me to get to school and back)


Bem vindo ao grupo dos pais! Aqui é um espaço aberto para pa...
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