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tlc (Tender Loving Care) is an American Cancer Society publication. We offer products for women coping with breast cancer or any cancer treatment that causes hair loss as well as advice on how to use these products. Products include wigs, hairpieces, headwear, and mastectomy products.

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The tlc mission is to help women facing cancer treatment cope with the appearance-related side effects of cancer by making these hard-to-find products affordable and readily available for purchase from the privacy of their own homes. To order products or catalogs call 1-800-850-9445, or visit tlc online at

Hair loss is common, it is not usually a sign of a serious condition and can affect both men and women. Male and female pattern baldness is often genetic, however other causes of hair loss such as alopecia can be caused by an illness or stress. Hair loss is a natural part of ageing, however eating a balanced diet, avoiding heating and dyeing the hair and using mild shampoos can slow the hair loss process down. There are also treatments available that effectively slow the hair loss process further.

Hair loss is simply the partial or complete absence of hair from areas on the body where it normally grows. This condition is medically known as alopecia and can also be referred to as baldness. Alopecia can affect both men and women of all ages. There are many different types of alopecia with many different causes and symptoms.

Male-pattern baldness is caused by sensitivity of the hair follicles to the hormone testosterone. With exposure to testosterone the hair follicles eventually shrink and stop functioning. Male-pattern baldness is normally genetic and is not a sign of disease or ill health. Hair loss in men can be effectively treated, with a number of treatment options available including medicinal and surgical options.

Male-pattern baldness causes significant hair loss in up to 6.5 million men in the UK. It can start as early as the teenage years and occurs by the age of 40 in a significant proportion of men. This can cause significant emotional distress in some men, leading to a lack of self-esteem and even depression. Emotional distress is often more pronounced in younger men.

The symptoms of scarring alopecia will relate to the underlying condition that is causing it. For example, if lichen planus has caused the hair loss then the affected skin will likely be damaged too. This sets scarring alopecia apart from other forms of hair loss, as it also affects the skin where the hair has fallen out. Unfortunately, the damaged skin can cause the hair follicle to become damaged or destroyed. This means the hair is unable to grow back.

This is most commonly caused by the cancer treatment, chemotherapy. This form of alopecia is only temporary and the hair should start to grow back within a few months of completing the chemotherapy. The loss suffered from anagen effluvium is widespread and can affect the body and face as well as the scalp.

Most cases of male hair loss (androgenic alopecia) can be self-diagnosed without the need to consult a doctor. It is likely someone in your family (your father, grandfather, or uncle) will have suffered with the same condition and your hair loss will follow a similar pattern. Most male-pattern baldness becomes apparent over a number of years so it may initially be difficult to notice until it becomes more pronounced. If treatment is desired, the earlier it can be started, the more effective it is likely to be.

If you are concerned, your GP should be able to perform a diagnosis by simple examining your hair and scalp. This examination will help them identify which form of hair loss you are suffering with and offer the necessary advice.

Hair loss, such as male-pattern baldness, is usually only treated for cosmetic reasons. The medicines used to effectively treat male-pattern baldness are Finasteride (Propecia) and Minoxidil (Regaine). Neither treatment is available on the NHS and will have to be purchased privately. It is important to start hair loss treatment as soon as possible after you start experiencing male pattern baldness. It is much easier and more effective to keep existing hair rather than grow it back. Female-pattern baldness is also treated using Minoxidil (Regaine for Women) which is similar to the male version although it is a lower strength.

Finasteride is used to treat hair loss and is known as the branded treatment, Propecia. Propecia comes in a 1mg tablet form and requires one to be taken each day. In the body, the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone causes the hair follicles to shrink. Propecia blocks this conversion, thus allowing the hair follicles to return to their normal size. Propecia is actually thought to increase the amount of hairs people have, improving its overall look. Treatment will usually be required for six months to reverse the balding process and treatment is then continued long-term. If treatment is halted, then hair loss will likely resume within a six to twelve month period. Generic Finasteride or Propecia 1mg is available to buy online from The Independent Pharmacy.

Preventing hair loss can sometimes be out of your control. Genetic factors can mean it is programmed into your genes to lose your hair. The best approach to adopt is to start treatment early and take good care of your hair and scalp by:

There are a number of alternate therapies that exist to treat hair loss, some of these include homeopathy, acupuncture and aromatherapy. However, there is not much evidence that these therapies are effective, as well as there being no clinical evidence to suggest that herbal remedies have any positive effect on hair loss.

Some men are excessively paranoid about hair loss. Others may be in denial, and so do not accept their own hair loss for several years. Either, it can be difficult to objectively identify hair loss, especially because baldness tends to occur very slowly.

Male pattern baldness is characterised by a loss of hair on the top of the head. It does not affect the back or sides of the hair. The pattern of hair loss can occur starting at the crown, the hairline, or both.

Women tend to lose hair when they are especially sensitive to DHT in the scalp. This most often happens during and following the menopause, due to the decrease in female hormones and relative increase of male hormones such as DHT. This hair loss does not occur in the same pattern as it does for men, and is rarely as severe. Changes in hormones that lead to hair loss could be caused by thyroid disorders and should be checked by a medical professional. This can also cause weight gain.

This is a complex surgery. Even with a skilled surgeon, hair loss may continue around the grafts, leading to a very patchy appearance. The procedure can be very expensive, especially if further work is required in the future. Consult your GP thoroughly and be sure to select a reputable surgeon.

It is difficult to predict the extent to which male pattern baldness will cause hair loss. Generally, though, men who experience hair loss earlier in life will be most likely become fully bald. If you do not notice symptoms of pattern baldness until after your mid-twenties, you will likely still have hair, albeit thinner hair, when you reach old age.

It may be worth finding out the extent to which male pattern baldness has affected older men in your family, especially your maternal grandfather. Comparing their history to your own experiences may give you an indication of your eventual hair loss.

It is easier to reverse symptoms of male pattern baldness the earlier that treatment is started. So, if you wish to stop the process of going bald, you should consult a specialist as soon as you notice significant hair loss.

There are a number of different treatments available to combat the signs and symptoms of hair loss, mostly depending on the reason for the loss. Whether the treatment is effective or not usually depends on the type of medication you are taking and the cause of the hair loss.

Hair loss can be caused by chronic stress and symptoms can present themselves anywhere after 3 weeks to 6 months after a very stressful event. This condition tends to be short-lived and will grow back as soon as you are able to reduce your stress levels. Medication can work to slow down the amount of hair lost.

Stress can also cause other symptoms like fatigue and a sense of feeling overwhelmed. If this is accompanying your other symptoms then it might be time to investigate whether your hair loss is due to high levels of stress.

If using the usual type of medication is not working, or you would rather take a holistic approach, then you should consider taking vitamin supplements to promote strong and healthy hair. There is no scientific research to show that these vitamins are effective in treating hair loss, so it is recommended that this method is used in conjunction with taking medication.

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