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Ser mãe - uma conversa entre mulheres

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Sakura Gari Watase Yuu

I would like to start this review with a warning. This manga contains mature contents including violence, homosexuality, sex, rape, torture, murder and suicide. Readers discretion is highly advised. Mature readers also have to proceed with caution as some will find the vulgarity presented in this stunning piece of art beyond tolerable.

Sakura Gari Watase Yuu

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But forgiveness cannot atone sin; they are two different things. There are consequences Souma must face, and so does Masataka. This leads to such exceptionally beautiful and original ending. To fully cherish the moment, you must read the whole story and goes through their pain and development, provided that you can manage to go to the very end. As I have warned earlier that the vulgarity in this manga is not something everyone can handle. I noticed a lot of comments complaining on how they love this series, but the atrociousness holds them back from actually finishing. There are arguments on whether that extremity is absolutely necessary to convey the message and leads to this unique ending. One thing is for sure that it brings the readers onto an emotional roller-coaster that no one is able to forget. This is another factor apart from originality, exceptional storytelling and artwork that make Sakura Gari so memorable. I may never become a fan of Yuu Watase as I cannot picture myself reading Shojo manga anytime soon, but I will definitely remember Sakura Gari as one of her masterpiece, and one of the best Yaoi manga ever written. 041b061a72


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