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When it comes to celebrating birthdays, heartfelt birthday wishes are just the beginning. Birthday celebrations bring our friends and loved ones together. We can enjoy birthday picnics and cookouts, various adventures, dancing, singing, and toasting, not to mention delicious slices of cake and twinkling candles. Each year that we grow older (and hopefully wiser), these special days remind us of how far we've come.


Birthdays are the perfect excuse to gush about your friends' best qualities and show your family how much they mean to you. Maybe you already have your gift planned out, and now the only problem is picking the right birthday message. So, you find yourself wondering, "What is the best message for a birthday card?" No need to waste time with writer's block! We have a big list of birthday wishes to personalize any birthday card for an extra memorable day.

Heartfelt birthday wishes are lovely to send to a much-loved family member or friend. Well-worded quotes supply some delightful birthday wisdom, while funny wishes are great for kicking off the celebrations with a smile and a giggle!

Choose from beautifully crafted, meaningful birthday wishes for family members and close friends. Or check out the short and simple birthday wishes for friends and acquaintances. Use the links below to jump to a specific section, or scroll down the page to read all of our happy birthday wishes and quotes.

These short and simple happy birthday wishes are perfect for friends, family, and even coworkers. Pop the wishes in a birthday card, or send them via SMS or text! And don't forget those friends who love to giggle. Use these funny birthday wishes to make light of the joys and pitfalls of aging.

A birthday is a wonderful time to tell a friend how much they mean to you and to celebrate them! Use these simple birthday message examples as a starting point, and personalize further to make your friend feel extra-loved on their birthday.

Wish your work buddy a happy birthday! So much time is spent with coworkers, so it's always a nice gesture to wish them a happy birthday. These simple sentiments are perfect for wishing your coworker or boss a very happy birthday while keeping it professional.

Each of us likes to feel appreciated, and a birthday is an opportunity to let your coworker or employee know something you appreciate about them. Keep it real, and choose something you genuinely admire. Here are some examples.

The sense of distance between loved ones can feel greater on birthdays. Making an effort to wish someone a happy birthday and tell them you're thinking of them can make all the difference. No matter what the reason is that you can't be together, let them know they're in your thoughts from afar.

Sisters are extra special, so mark their birthday with a cute, inspirational, or funny birthday message. For a personal touch, include a childhood memory with one of these birthday wishes for sisters.

Let your wife know all the wonderful things you think about her, by wishing her an amazing birthday! If you can't find the perfect words to celebrate your other half, check out these romantic, sweet, and inspirational birthday wishes for your wife.

Moms are everything! Want to find the perfect words to describe just how special your mom is to you? See this collection of cute, inspirational, and funny birthday wishes and messages for your mom to help her celebrate her birthday!

Do you have a close bond with an aunty? Be sure you let her know how wonderful she is and write a super sweet or funny birthday message to your aunt on her birthday! You're sure to find lots of inspiration with one of our birthday wishes for aunts.

It's so special having a brother - even if they tease you! You're sure to find a fitting message in this collection of funny and heartfelt birthday wishes for brothers to help you write the perfect birthday message or text to your bro.

A good husband treats his partner with respect and lots of love, so be sure to celebrate your man's birthday! Wish your husband a happy birthday with one of these funny, romantic, and heartfelt birthday wishes for husbands.

Maybe your uncle gives the best hugs, tells the best stories, or is quick with a funny joke. Whatever the case, these Happy Birthday messages for your uncle's birthday are perfect for celebrating everything that's unique about him.

Draw on the wisdom of others as you wish someone special a very happy birthday. These birthday quotes are a mix of funny and wise. Use them as greeting card birthday wishes, birthday SMSs, or in a birthday speech.

Here is a collection of beautifully-worded religious birthday wishes to help you thank God for a friend or family member on the day of their birth. Use these meaningful wishes to send them many birthday blessings.

Have you ever received loads of emails, texts, and social media messages wishing you happy birthday, but not been quite sure how to say thank you? Check out our Thank You for the Birthday Wishes page for ideas.

Take a look at our collection of free printable birthday cards in high-quality PDF format that you can print and fold at home. They include some color-in printable cards perfect for kids who want to create a unique birthday card for family and friends.

Looking for a fun birthday craft? Check out these fabulous happy birthday coloring pages in high-quality PDF format to download and print at home for your kids. Including birthday cakes, party balloons, wrapped gifts, cute cats, mermaids, dragons, princesses, clowns, rainbows, and more!

As you prepare to send your best birthday wishes, make their special day even brighter with fun surprises from ProFlowers. Whether you opt for a package of balloons paired with happy birthday flowers, or a birthday delivery of sweet treats and specialized birth month flowers, your loved one will be grinning from ear to ear with your surprise.

I know you have everything in the world, so if there is one thing I wish for you today, it would be excellent health and many more amazing memories with your children and grandchildren. Happy birthday.

29. Mom, I love you more than anything in this world. Thank you for always being there for me and trying your best so that I can have a happy life. I really appreciate it, and I hope you have an amazing day.

Fathers are the pillars of our life, always strong and steady. Sometimes they find it hard to pick out the right words to truly show their love for us. Perhaps one thing we can do is bridge that barrier first with a perfectly sappy and meaningful birthday wish.

167. Sending you the warmest wishes on your birthday, my darling. I feel so happy when you are by my side, hope you have the most amazing day. Our love will never fade, and I hope to help you make memories worth cherishing.

Again, a stepmother is often an amazing person who has entered your life to give you lots of love and affection. Despite this, sometimes stepparents and stepmothers can feel a little nervous trying to get to know you, fearing that your lack of biological relationship might make it hard to form a family. Nip those fears in the bud and express how much you appreciate her on her birthday!

232. Hey neighbor! It feels like only yesterday that we were knocking on your door and introducing ourselves for the first time. Happy birthday, friend, and may we keep living in harmony next to one another for many years to come.

251. Wow, what birthday number are we on now? It feels like a hundred, but I know you still look too good-looking and young for that to be true. Anyway, let me just say that your birthday better be as epic as you are.

Writing tip: Ages 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95 and 100 are traditionally considered milestones. Cards specific to these birthdays will feature the age number prominently in their design, but you can make any card a milestone card (or any birthday a milestone birthday) by writing that shiny new age number somewhere in your personal message.

Writing tip: Using your private pet name for the recipient can instantly make a simple message more warm and personal. No matter what you say, use words that sound like you. Find lots of message ideas for wishing your wife a happy birthday here.

Writing tip: Humor can be a great day-brightener even in the midst of a challenging time. If you know the birthday person appreciates a good laugh, feel free to choose a funny card and/or add a humorous personal message.

Maybe your sister always has fun ideas, constantly tries new things, and loves to travel. An adventurous sister is always exciting to be around and she keeps life interesting. To say happy birthday to this type of sister, you need to make it big!

Who says that a best friend has to be someone you met at school or at work? Sometimes your best friend is your sister that grew up right beside you. No matter what, the two of you have stuck together, side-by-side, from the first second you met. Not sure how to tell your sister/best friend happy birthday? Check out some fun ways below!

Alexa: For you Birthday, Jacob wanted to share with you a special message. 'Hi Mom, we want to wish you a very happy birthday. And we want you to know that we think you're a great mom, not just on your birthday, but every day of the year.'

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