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Task 11.Your dad washes the car every day.2.He does not drink tea.3.His friend reads the lesson every class.4.Her cousin writes letters.5.Mary does not sleep in the afternoon.6.Our parents give us money to spend.7.Mike and John do not eat oranges.8.They take us to football matches every Sunday.9. Do your parents like watching TV?10.How often does he swim in the pool? TASK 2Task 21. I am watching a reality show on TV.2. My favourite team is winning!3. Someone is swimming in the sea.4. Two people are cooking dinner on the beach.5. We is not watching a soap opera.6. I am not doing my homework.7. Mum is reading a magazine.8. My brother is not listen to the radio.9. Dad is not cooking dinner.10. Tara is talk by phone.11. Joe is playing on the computer.12. Who is watching TV?13. Tina is doing grammar exercises.14. I am eating a pizza.15. We is sitting in the classroom.16. I am not writing an email.17. Amy is not going to school today.18. We are not having fun today.19. My team is not winning the match.20. My parents are driving to work now.21. Are they reading magazines?TASK 31. The children are playing outside now.2. She usually reads the newspaper in the morning.3. I am doing my homework now.4. I am eating my dinner now.5. Do you want a pizza?6. They are watching TV now.7. I do not like spaghetti.8. The baby is sleeping now.9. My mother usually cooks dinner in the evening.10. He writes a letter to his pen-friend every month.11. She dos not like football.12. Mary is listening to music now.13. Tom usually drinks coffee, but he is drinking tea now.14. We are going to the disco tonight.15. He goes to work by bus every day.

SM Masha Friend 6 mp4




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