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Virtue Hair Products Where To Buy

Not sure what the best Virtue hair products are for you? You can check out this Virtue hair product chart to find the right products for you based on your hair type, specific hair issues and styling goals.

virtue hair products where to buy

While ideal for all hair types and textures, VIRTUE hair products are formulated to repair hair damaged from color treatments, styling heat and more with the power of its keratin protein. This protein, which makes up 90% of hair, skin and nails, binds directly to areas of damage and goes to work repairing them. The result? Shinier, stronger hair.

You can see for yourself the power of VIRTUE hair products when you take a look at these VIRTUE hair care before and afters. Not sure what the best Virtue hair products are for you? You can check out VIRTUE customer reviews for helpful customer insight!

VIRTUE hair products are powered by Alpha Keratin 60ku. The first of its kind, this extraordinary, multi-patented protein is virtually identical to the keratin that makes up nearly 90% of our hair, skin and nails. Because it's used in its whole form and undiluted with other ingredients, it is accepted by the body as its own, improving the health and appearance of hair, strand by strand. It's derived from ethically sourced human hair, and is a byproduct of the wig industry. All hair used by VIRTUE has been purchased, not donated.

The Alpha Keratin 60ku used in VIRTUE hair repair products is pure keratin in its native, original form, making it easier to be recognized and accepted by the body as its own. Other hydrolyzed keratins are fractured and diluted with other ingredients, so their functionality and efficacy may be compromised.

VIRTUE has several bestselling products here at LovelySkin. The VIRTUE Recovery Shampoo is a fan-favorite sulfate-free shampoo that, after just five uses, helps repair hair damage caused by heat, color treatments and styling. You can pair it with the VIRTUE Recovery Conditioner for even more protection for stressed tresses.

At LovelySkin, we only sell products that are 100% authorized and certified by the brands we carry, including VIRTUE. Every VIRTUE hair product you receive from LovelySkin is guaranteed authentic, so you never need to worry about legitimacy or freshness. Our Customer Care Team can help answer any product questions you may have, and the LovelySkin blog is full of more information to help you formulate your perfect hair care routine with our most trusted brands, like VIRTUE.

Making up 90% of our hair, skin and nails, keratin is an important protein found in the human body. Until now, keratin was sourced from plant amino acids or animal byproducts.Initially discovered by scientists developing methods of treating traumatic injuries with keratin, Alpha Keratin 60ku is a form of the protein extracted from ethically-sourced human hair.

This breakthrough ingredient is able to be utilised more effectively by the body, and is drawn to areas of the hair cuticle where it is needed most. Strand by strand, damaged hair fibres are smoothed, resurfaced and cracks are filled in, leaving hair softer, shinier, smoother and healthier than before. Virtue founder Melisse Shaban and Chief Science Advisor Dr. Luke Burnett saw the incredible reparative effects this ingredient had on damaged hair, and set out to bring Virtue to life.

In one of the recent threads about hair care products, Sue recommended one or more products from Virtue Labs for adding volume/not weighing down fine hair. I ordered the shampoo, conditioner and mousse -- and I am pretty sure that soon after giving them a try, I reported that I hadn't noticed any changes.

I am coming back to say, after using it a few months, I definitely have much thicker and healthier hair. This is especially notable because I haven't had highlights in almost a year-- highlights have always given me more volume than any products. I definitely recommend these products to others with very fine hair.. just know it may take a month or more to notice an improvement.

@OutsidePlaying Thanks for pointing that the application technique-- it is different from how I use the Aveda products. i did watch their videos but I don't always. I think the application in particular will help me as my roots/crown are where my hair is the finest since I haven't highlighted since July/August.

Of course, now I am being inundated with ads for hairloss products! Yikes. I already have a lot of baby hairs which does mean my hair is regrowing. I take Biotin supplements for a long time to help with hair and nails.

I've been intrigued by all the positive reviews here for Virtue products. Yesterday a postcard arrived in my snail-mailbox for 20% and free shipping, so I just broke down and bought shampoo, conditioner, and primer. I'm always in search of the perfect hair products, so this is worth a shot.

I received the virtue kit and have started using the products. I've also taken a "before" shot of my scalp to see if in a few months' time, my hair is actually denser or not. So far, though, the shampoo and conditioner leave my hair very soft and shiny. I'm using the density booster at night as directed.

LOL @mtnrdredux_gw I hope you like it also-- but again, it did take some time before I noticed an improvement. Try to give it a month before giving up on it. I definitely saw a difference-- and both my mother and my sister noticed it and commented too (and in reference to an old thread, they are both still begging me to keep my hair long LOL). I especially like that it keeps my hair soft and shiny-- which not all volumizing products do.

I wonder if the impact of these products can truly be cumulative, given that hair is not living? At that price point, I'd rather just use it when my day consists of more than laundry, dinner, and netflix.

I ordered the shampoo, conditioner, and primer. I got the travel size of the conditioner because I use a lot less than the shampoo. Still, this stuff is REALLY expensive. I've used the shampoo and conditioner twice and see no difference in my hair. I used the primer once and hated my hair that cycle. It could just be one of those days when I would have hated my hair anyway, because that's how it goes with me. For volume at the crown I like Aquage Uplifting Foam at the roots. I'm getting a much needed haircut tomorrow and once the shock of that has worn off I'll give the Virtue products another shot. At that price, I need to love what they do to my hair, because I can spend half of what I did (probably even less) and get good results.

Hello and welcome to Summers Virtue the place to find the best All Natural and Organic hair products, We at Summers Virtue believes in providing exceptional products and service.

Thanks to this one key moment in the lab, VIRTURE have now gone on to utilize this protein in hair care. In doing so, they have created a collection of products that purify, replenish and nurture your tired, dull and dry locks. Hair appears healthier and feels stronger.

The difference with Virtue products is that they progressively improve the quality of the hair, while other products coat the hair for an immediate moment. Primers, silicones, all that, they coat the hair but it all comes out in the wash.

We have four families of products: Recovery, which is really for everybody, Full, for volume, Smooth for thicker more course hair and then we have Curl, for all ranges and levels of curl. And now we also have Flourish for hair growth.

FOR BEST RESULTS: For best results, use at the beginning of your styling routine before applying other products. Mist generously and evenly 6 inches away from damp hair. Comb through and blow-dry. Style with a hot tool. Use on dry hair for second-day touch ups.

Easily activate and define curls while hydrating hair. Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream is one of our most popular products for curly hair. This argan oil-infused curl definer features an advanced heat-activated technology that provides a curl memory factor to fight frizz and create well-defined, natural-looking, bouncy curls that last. 041b061a72


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