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Update Your Tracker Tk103 with the Latest Firmware Using AWS IoT Core

You hope for a better performance or something else? Please forget that. Flashing your xexun TK102 with flashmagic is too risky. If Flashmagic tool crashes while firmware update or the connection is lost this can cause the tracker to get inaccessible.Maybe you can never access the tracker again in that case. Never touch a running system, if the tracker is working as designed, let the tracker do its work.A firmware update on your TK102 should only be done in case of emergency or malfunction, for example if the tracker LED is flashing fast permanently.Flashing your TK102 firmware with Flashmagic tool is like throwing a marble through a basketball basket from the other side of the field, possible, but you will need some tries.Before you can start you need a firmware update cable. As you cannot use a common USB cable you need an original xexun TK102 USB firmware update data cable.The most common error message in a firmware update process is the autobaud error, and that message can nearly mean everything. We will get back to this error later.

Tracker Tk103 Flash Firmware

Because XEXUN doens't offer an own firmware update software we need to use an external tool called Flash Magic. Flash Magic is a PC and MAC programming tool for flash based NXP microcontrollers by RS232 or USB to serial adapter. NXP is a manufactorer of microcontrollers and processors. The built in CPU of a XEXUN TK102 is usually ARM7 from NXP. And because of that we can use the Flash Magic tool.Download Flash Magic for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 here or download Flash Magic Version for MacOS / iOS here.

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hello,thanks for reply.I chcecked log file and I dont have anything info from this tracker (I have other tracker on port 55023, I tested tk103 on port 55023, 55001 55002 and I dont see anything). I have open ports from 55000 to 55999 (Synology) and it works.I know about the problem is in tracker. Maybe I must send other sms command to my tracker or upgrade firmware. Unfortunately seller don't reply me.


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